Plans For Summer Break

My Husband just asked me what I was planning on doing for the Summer Break (only 7 weeks away……lord help me). So, here are a few options I have came up with.

-Move to Haiti

– Explore the Alaskan Wilds sans supplies

– Pay to rent someone’s Bomb Shelter

– Admit myself into a mental hospital

– Volunteer for indentured servitude on a Colombian cocaine plantation

– Spend some time as a lifeguard on a nudist beach for elderly people.

Just in case these plans fall through I am stockpiling enough sleep medication to hibernate the entire 3 months the kids are out of school.

As for the kids, they’ll be doing the same thing they do every summer……..trying to take over the world. (20 points if you get the reference 😉 )







Surgery, Dirty Doodles, Therapy, & Battle…..A Busy Week

Well, it’s been an exhausting week and a half. My daughter had appendicitis, which resulted in the expected surgery. There are definitely some stories to be told there. Like when the very young surgeon came in to explain to us what the surgery would entail and used a drawing to clarify that looked more like something a 14 year old boy would draw on the bathroom stall than a medical procedure. I’m sure he didn’t mean for it to look like genitals, but I couldn’t help but wonder what his depiction of say…testicular surgery would have looked like. I wasn’t only insecure about him performing the surgery because of his age, but also because he apparently thought an appendix was an oblong, drooping organ hanging somewhere between two vaguely round shapes. I would have been even more worried had my daughter been a son. Thankfully, he didn’t do the surgery. Continue reading

A Very Special Cookie

Michael brought me an empty bag today. Well, it wasn’t empty; there were crumbs in the bottom. Apparently at one time it had a cookie in it. That time was before he had to sit and hold the cookie for 45 minutes. By all accounts it was a very good cookie. The kind you really can’t resist. Why am I telling you this? Because I love the fact that instead of hiding the bag, and pretending he never intended to give the cookie away, he brought it to me and told me what happened. He was slightly embarrassed, but really he just wanted me to know that he was thinking of me today and really did want to give me the cookie. I almost cried. This is why different is beautiful. It’s one of those moments when no matter how hard it may be at times, you are so incredibly grateful that your child sees things in a different light. Of course, I would have liked the cookie too 😉 .

delicious cookie

I’m Either A Hero, or Attempted Murderer (A Matter of Perception)

This is a tale (tail?) of danger, love, intrigue, and triumph. It is a tale of one cats survival and one woman’s sacrifice….

OK, I’ll skip the theatrics and just tell the story. So, at 6am this morning I woke up to hear my cat coughing up a hairball, or at least that’s what I thought he was doing. I suppose I drifted back off for a moment, but when I woke up again and heard him still making choking noises, I thought I had better go check on him. I made it into the computer room just in time to see his eyes roll up in his head and him keel over and lie twitching on the ground. I rushed over and spotted about a half inch of sparkling silver hanging out of his mouth. Continue reading

You Are A Fighter

This is true for everyone, but I find it fits perfectly for those who have special needs, and their families. Take a moment to read, it’s very uplifting. –

You Are A Fighter

Sometimes you have an actual person to battle against- a specialist, a teacher, an administrator, an insensitive family member, a playground bully, your own stubborn child.

Sometimes your opponent is less concrete- a disease, a disability, a milestone that keeps moving away or a skill your child can’t seem to master.

And sometimes you end up fighting against yourself- subduing your fears, conquering your doubts, attacking your insecurities.

Regardless of the foe, you’re in it to win it. Surrender is not an option.

You may negotiate and agree to a treaty, or observe a cease-fire, or you may scorch the Earth and take no prisoners, but you’ll fight the good fight as long as there is any fight left in you-

and then you’ll fight some more.

you are a fighter