A Very Special Cookie

Michael brought me an empty bag today. Well, it wasn’t empty; there were crumbs in the bottom. Apparently at one time it had a cookie in it. That time was before he had to sit and hold the cookie for 45 minutes. By all accounts it was a very good cookie. The kind you really can’t resist. Why am I telling you this? Because I love the fact that instead of hiding the bag, and pretending he never intended to give the cookie away, he brought it to me and told me what happened. He was slightly embarrassed, but really he just wanted me to know that he was thinking of me today and really did want to give me the cookie. I almost cried. This is why different is beautiful. It’s one of those moments when no matter how hard it may be at times, you are so incredibly grateful that your child sees things in a different light. Of course, I would have liked the cookie too 😉 .

delicious cookie


Those Other Kids

First, let me clarify- I am speaking about the two children I have that I haven’t spoke about on my blog. While I have occasionally referred to my children as “those” kids, usually right after they’ve broken something and I’m trying to distance myself; in this case I am saying it not because my other two are any less important, but to illustrate that in my life they are often relegated to the backseat while I deal with the issues that arise with Jonathan and Michael. Continue reading