Plans For Summer Break

My Husband just asked me what I was planning on doing for the Summer Break (only 7 weeks away……lord help me). So, here are a few options I have came up with.

-Move to Haiti

– Explore the Alaskan Wilds sans supplies

– Pay to rent someone’s Bomb Shelter

– Admit myself into a mental hospital

– Volunteer for indentured servitude on a Colombian cocaine plantation

– Spend some time as a lifeguard on a nudist beach for elderly people.

Just in case these plans fall through I am stockpiling enough sleep medication to hibernate the entire 3 months the kids are out of school.

As for the kids, they’ll be doing the same thing they do every summer……..trying to take over the world. (20 points if you get the reference 😉 )








3 thoughts on “Plans For Summer Break

  1. prayingforoneday says:

    Visit Scotland and Miss Shaun and I will scare the shit out of you on the Edinburgh Ghost tours and take you down underneath the City to the closed off part where the plague was …Really scary 🙂


    • tgillespie27 says:

      I’ve actually wanted to visit Scotland and/or Ireland for SO long. I’m Scots-Irish you know. I’ve grown up hearing so much about them. My red hair, freckles, green eyes, temper, it’s a dead giveaway, lol. I’m joking about the stereotype of course, though I do have all of that. I’ll add those places to list of places to see/things to do if I ever get over that way. We apparently have an ancestral home over there somewhere I’d like to see also. Well, that settles it….I know what I’m doing for Summer break 🙂

      • prayingforoneday says:

        YEY… 🙂
        Ghost tours here we come..
        We will give you the guided tour .. lol

        How much do you of your Scottish bloodline? If you know the 2nd name I can at least show the Tartan..Email me if you want to..

        Shaun x

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