Surgery, Dirty Doodles, Therapy, & Battle…..A Busy Week

Well, it’s been an exhausting week and a half. My daughter had appendicitis, which resulted in the expected surgery. There are definitely some stories to be told there. Like when the very young surgeon came in to explain to us what the surgery would entail and used a drawing to clarify that looked more like something a 14 year old boy would draw on the bathroom stall than a medical procedure. I’m sure he didn’t mean for it to look like genitals, but I couldn’t help but wonder what his depiction of say…testicular surgery would have looked like. I wasn’t only insecure about him performing the surgery because of his age, but also because he apparently thought an appendix was an oblong, drooping organ hanging somewhere between two vaguely round shapes. I would have been even more worried had my daughter been a son. Thankfully, he didn’t do the surgery. Continue reading


Those Other Kids

First, let me clarify- I am speaking about the two children I have that I haven’t spoke about on my blog. While I have occasionally referred to my children as “those” kids, usually right after they’ve broken something and I’m trying to distance myself; in this case I am saying it not because my other two are any less important, but to illustrate that in my life they are often relegated to the backseat while I deal with the issues that arise with Jonathan and Michael. Continue reading