You Are A Fighter

This is true for everyone, but I find it fits perfectly for those who have special needs, and their families. Take a moment to read, it’s very uplifting. –

You Are A Fighter

Sometimes you have an actual person to battle against- a specialist, a teacher, an administrator, an insensitive family member, a playground bully, your own stubborn child.

Sometimes your opponent is less concrete- a disease, a disability, a milestone that keeps moving away or a skill your child can’t seem to master.

And sometimes you end up fighting against yourself- subduing your fears, conquering your doubts, attacking your insecurities.

Regardless of the foe, you’re in it to win it. Surrender is not an option.

You may negotiate and agree to a treaty, or observe a cease-fire, or you may scorch the Earth and take no prisoners, but you’ll fight the good fight as long as there is any fight left in you-

and then you’ll fight some more.

you are a fighter


3 thoughts on “You Are A Fighter

  1. crazybunny66 says:

    Nice, sometimes we just need reminding that it’s worthwile the fight. And sometimes I get tired of fighting!

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