You Are A Fighter

This is true for everyone, but I find it fits perfectly for those who have special needs, and their families. Take a moment to read, it’s very uplifting. –

You Are A Fighter

Sometimes you have an actual person to battle against- a specialist, a teacher, an administrator, an insensitive family member, a playground bully, your own stubborn child.

Sometimes your opponent is less concrete- a disease, a disability, a milestone that keeps moving away or a skill your child can’t seem to master.

And sometimes you end up fighting against yourself- subduing your fears, conquering your doubts, attacking your insecurities.

Regardless of the foe, you’re in it to win it. Surrender is not an option.

You may negotiate and agree to a treaty, or observe a cease-fire, or you may scorch the Earth and take no prisoners, but you’ll fight the good fight as long as there is any fight left in you-

and then you’ll fight some more.

you are a fighter


Those Other Kids

First, let me clarify- I am speaking about the two children I have that I haven’t spoke about on my blog. While I have occasionally referred to my children as “those” kids, usually right after they’ve broken something and I’m trying to distance myself; in this case I am saying it not because my other two are any less important, but to illustrate that in my life they are often relegated to the backseat while I deal with the issues that arise with Jonathan and Michael. Continue reading

The Easter Bunny/Drug Company Conspiracy

I know I am running a bit late with this post, but please understand I am writing this at my own peril. My journey to the truth began when I decided to treat my children, including Jonathan, my diabetic son to homemade rice crispy treats. They’re not exactly diabetic friendly you see, and since I was pushing the envelope there I needed to cut back in other areas. I am used to crawling into the back of the holiday season store shelves with spelunking gear to find the sugar-free treats, but imagine my surprise when after tunneling past the chocolate bunnies and cheerily colored peeps, there was not one sugar-free or even health conscious bunny or egg shaped morsel to be found. I optimistically assumed that the 8 packages of sugar free snacks that the store had made available this holiday season had already been bought, so I headed back past the pharmacy, around the shelf selling diabetic testing strips, and made my way to the exit. Continue reading

Rush Takes Issue with ADHD and ASD, and I May Be Psychic

20 million people just heard all the reasons why you, or your child’s, diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, ASD (autism spectrum disorder), or the syndrome formerly known as Aspergers is detrimental to them.  Within hours of posting my concerns about over diagnosis of these conditions to my blog , I hear Rush Limbaugh go on one of his famous rants about it. Some of the points he made were- Continue reading

Mixed Feelings About Autism Awareness Month

April 1st marked the beginning of Autism Awareness Month. As a parent of an (newly diagnosed) autistic child how could I possibly feel ambivalent about that? Well, first let me make clear my right to change or even reverse my feelings on this at some point in the future. This is just my initial reaction to both AAM and the new CDC report about autism prevalence. Continue reading