The Easter Bunny/Drug Company Conspiracy

I know I am running a bit late with this post, but please understand I am writing this at my own peril. My journey to the truth began when I decided to treat my children, including Jonathan, my diabetic son to homemade rice crispy treats. They’re not exactly diabetic friendly you see, and since I was pushing the envelope there I needed to cut back in other areas. I am used to crawling into the back of the holiday season store shelves with spelunking gear to find the sugar-free treats, but imagine my surprise when after tunneling past the chocolate bunnies and cheerily colored peeps, there was not one sugar-free or even health conscious bunny or egg shaped morsel to be found. I optimistically assumed that the 8 packages of sugar free snacks that the store had made available this holiday season had already been bought, so I headed back past the pharmacy, around the shelf selling diabetic testing strips, and made my way to the exit.

Four stores later I began to suspect that perhaps there was no diabetic friendly Easter candy to be had. Not because the stores had forgotten to dust off the box that was left over from 5 years ago (as often happens with Christmas), but because there were none…. ever…. made (cue ominous music).There were eggs made of pure chocolate, with creamy centers, of marshmallow, with candy coating and peanut butter filled. There were bunnies of the same assortments. Even yummy chocolate crosses (which I admit I had to stop and ponder for a moment), but not a single thing for my diabetic son.

The only healthy food associated with Easter is eggs. Not the ones mentioned above, but real eggs, and what do we do with them? We dip them and color them; we put faces, glitter, and draw on them. Our children spend so much time decorating them that to even suggest peeling all that beautiful hard work off and actually eating the egg is tantamount to child abuse. Just think about how many children and adults are on the path to insulin resistance today because of the religious inspired sugar mania we indulged in last week. Once you are diabetic, and you will be, don’t worry…are you going to stop eating the ears and arses off of delicious bunnies and chicks? NO. You will buy more meters and test strips to confirm that yes, you are moments away from a diabetic coma, and then you will shoot up more insulin, hell you may even hook up an IV at that point.

I leave it to you my fellow internet warriors to uncover this vast chocolate covered conspiracy and get the truth to the masses. I have to go look for a job or three to pay for the therapy my son is going to need because he was deprived of bunnies to eat.

Maybe next year I’ll just buy him a regular Easter basket and we’ll hide eggs in the hospital parking lot.


3 thoughts on “The Easter Bunny/Drug Company Conspiracy

  1. crazybunny66 says:

    You put me to shame with this becauae truth to be known I have never ever thought about easter and diabetics 😦

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