Rush Takes Issue with ADHD and ASD, and I May Be Psychic

20 million people just heard all the reasons why you, or your child’s, diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, ASD (autism spectrum disorder), or the syndrome formerly known as Aspergers is detrimental to them.  Within hours of posting my concerns about over diagnosis of these conditions to my blog , I hear Rush Limbaugh go on one of his famous rants about it. Some of the points he made were-

1-      Most of these diagnoses are false, and are only given out because the pharmaceutical companies and the medical communities are making a lot of money from them.

2-      They stem from parents and schools not wanting to take responsibility for the natural behaviors of children (particularly boys), or parents and schools wanting to medicate children into being easier to handle.

3-      People with these diagnoses are costing tax payers billions of dollars in government funding from programs such as SSI, Medicaid, Food Stamps, special programs in schools, and others.

This is exactly what I was concerned about. I am not going to argue against or support the validity of any of his claims; I just wanted people in this community to understand what is happening. Rush has 20 million listeners, and he just told them all this affects their money. There are major implications here. Do you believe it is a coincidence that this broadcast comes at the beginning of Autism Awareness Month?

BTW- I was making a joke about being psychic 🙂


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