What a refreshingly honest post! Admit it, we’ve all been there!!

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where the word NO actually means NO!

and children are in bed and asleep by 8.

where jelly tots is an acceptable substitute for breakfast

as is whipped cream for dinner.

where reruns of recess go all night.

and socks don’t need to match

when school uniform doesn’t need to be clean,

and nobody has we’d on the toilet seat.

where my twitter friends live just up the road

and that obnoxious, ugly annoying chav doesn’t.

where my waste of space father doesn’t try and contact me.

but my best friend actually does.

when I don’t feel like crap when I wake up,

because I’ve actually got some sleep.

where all meals are made themselves!

as are the beds.

where my library consists of more than school reports,

and I don’t have to close my eyes and count to 10.

maybe ill be…

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